HealthLife Info

Listing status: Listed: Simple
Asset ID: EY9pdsdsg9bThgmpKvKnADMUt7U87xVyz5XRYu3CtsQy
Asset Name: HealthLife

Total Supply: 368,903.35482728
Decimals 8
Re-Issuable Token Re-Issuable Asset Re-Issuable
Issuer: 3PA4FAWKUqD3sFWQCDzRxXgw4za4VANy11v
Issue Date: 2020-09-05 20:54:23


Project: Health Life The essence of the project: Creating a digital product to help people around the world eat right and live healthy lives. Holders of 10 or more Health Life Tokens will receive dividends starting from September 2020 until the end of 2021, Once a week, every Monday. for 1 token: - 0.025 USD per week, - 0.1 USD per month. Starting in January 2022, 30% of the project's income will be distributed Once a month, among all token holders. Also, customers will be able to buy our digital products at the rate: 1 Health Life - 10 USD Starting January 2021 More on the channel: