BGA Token Info

Listing status: Listed: Simple
Asset ID: BZzqCsbnArPgnTAvAHchPeauWpB1T73Jq6zzm5ejaafR
Asset Name: BGA Token

Total Supply: 50,000,000.00000000
Decimals 8
Re-Issuable Not Re-Issuable
Issuer: 3P7HYSN4NxDv31vF2mKPHWkPpwE8ACZ7HjD
Issue Date: 2019-12-20 03:00:48


BGA Token is a token used within the BlockGators Army Advertising Network. The token can be used across several platforms for Advertising, Marketing, Entertainment and Gaming.

Custom Description: Hodl 5000+ BGA Tokens in your waves exchange wallet to receive 100 BGA Tokens airdropped into your wallet every month in 2020. That is a guaranteed 24% APR for strong hand investors! You can also swap coins for BGA Tokens until 12:00 a.m PST June 21st of 2020.

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