Listing status: Not Listed
Asset ID: 81HnQ1PWViWUiv39NGkPjbfDehW1edjeJe6XxVhw1TPZ
Asset Name: MGOLD

Total Supply: 99,999,999,878.26
Decimals 2
Re-Issuable Token Re-Issuable Asset Re-Issuable
Issuer: 3P2cga8Jpcgc1mzFC6CzwMuUNry8z4Qahbs
Issue Date: 2020-02-03 08:37:37

Fee Sponsorship: Empty: 1 MGOLD


MGOLD COIN is the Only Digital Currency that will be Backed-up by Gold Bullion for the Benefit of Maharlikans and Humanity. The Future Digital Currency of Humanity.